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Lisa Rothstein – Copywriting for Anyone

The Startlingly Simple Copywriting Formula Anyone Can Use to Create A Cash Machine In Your Business

Entrepreneurs fear copywriting for their business and are overwhelmed with all the writing they are already doing. This webinar demystifies the process and boils down the essential pieces that must be written to three types of copy. It also gives a “magic” 5-step formula that makes creating copy easy and fun, even for those who do not think of themselves as “writers”.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Most entrepreneurs are told they need to do a lot of writing for their business —  but doing all this is overwhelming and worst of all does not lead to money
  • The three types of copy you MUST have in place and know how to write competently…this is your 3-Step copy-to-Cash Machine.
  • Why having an opt in page is more important than having a website or a blog 
  • Why an effective email followup is important to keep new prospects engaged. 
  • Secrets for an effective sales page –  5 magic phrases you need to remember!

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More about Lisa:

 Lisa Rothstein is an award-winning copywriter and former real-life “Mad Woman” whose advertising agency clients have included IBM, Colgate, Hanes and many more — she created the famous “Wait’ll We Get Our Hanes on You” campaign that turned plain white underwear and t-shirts into must-have fashion items. She now works with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide to bring big-brand thinking and impact to their brands and their copy. An avid cartoonist, musician and inventor, Lisa loves creativity and personal development, and is a contributor to books such as Happiness Awaits You with Susan Jeffers, the upcoming Ready Aim Captivate. with Deepak Chopra, Contagious Optimism being published by Viva Press, and is the co-author of the blog an upcoming book “The DaVinci Dilemma — Solutions for Multi-Talented People”. A native New Yorker whose first “job” was as a street performer on 5th Avenue, Lisa now lives in San Diego with her husband Jim, a radio talk show host.

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