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Mark Levy – Develop Your Thought Leadership Brand

 . . . Using Your Backstory

If you can elevate your brand to “thought leader” status, you’ll be involved in meaningful projects, paid top dollar, and find yourself sought out by the top people and organizations in your market.

How, though, you can reach such an exalted status?

In this interactive talk, Mark Levy – a positioning and branding consultant who helps clients achieve prominence and increase their fees by up to 2,000{85f64d0828d768825ddac8ed87db0864ab0456074e96efe88a57512d3a055da5} — will teach you about a powerful branding tool: the backstory.

Your backstory shows the market you were born to do what you do, and what you do means more to you than merely making money. When you’ve found the backstory that’s true to you, and you can tell it with style, you’ll find a thought-leadership tool that will differentiate you like no other. (Along with helping attendees find their backstory, Mark will also lead them in finding their best supportable marketplace differentiator, as well as writing an elevator speech that will stop people in their tracks.)

What you’ll learn: 

  • Learn to differentiate your business
  • Learn to write and deliver an elevator speech
  • Learn how to substantiate and distinguish through backstory

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More about Mark

Mark Levy is the founder of the positioning and branding firm, Levy Innovation ( His clients include some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders, including Marshall Goldsmith (whose books have sold 1.5 million copies), Simon Sinek (whose “Start with Why” TED video has been viewed by millions), and David Meerman Scott (who wrote the biggest-selling social media book ever written), as well as former leaders at Apple, Technorati, and the Harvard Business School.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Levy Innovation, Mark served as Chief Marketing Officer at an Inc. 5000 experiential branding organization whose clients include Samsung, Time Warner, Tivo, and Stanford University.

Mark has written for the New York Times, and has written or co-created five books. His latest book, “Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content,” is in eleven languages. In addition to being a positioning consultant, Mark creates magic tricks and shows. His work has been performed in Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas, and on all the major TV networks. He also co-created the off-Broadway show, “Chamber Magic,” which has played for twelve years and is the longest-running one-person show in New York City.

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