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Jill Addison – Secrets to Online Video Success

Video… It’s the next best thing to cloning yourself… so learn to use it to your advantage!

Why is making a personal connection through video so important? Because when people meet you, they love you. Don’t be shy about it, you know it’s true. When people meet you in person… they like you, they trust you and they want to do business with you.

And that’s all it really takes to have the successful business you’ve dreamed of and the life you’ve always wanted– a life where you’re doing what you love, helping other people, and getting the freedom and flexibility you’ve always known this entrepreneurial journey could give you.

Here are some more of the juicy details on what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • How to Maximize Online Video to Get a Flood of New Clients
  • How to Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset (Your Own Personality!)
  • How to Get the Lifestyle you Want through the Hottest Online Marketing Strategies Available Today
  • 5 Tips on What to Wear in your Videos
  • 3 Keys to Optimize your Video for Search on YouTube and be found by your Ideal Clients (super simple!)
  • Where to find Free editing software you already have access to
  • The #1 Pro Secret to Make your Videos Convert into New Sales

…And much more!

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More about Jill:

Jill Addison is an Online Video Producer (you can find her at who loves helping small and mid-sized businesses strategically use online video to rank with search engines and make a personal connection with prospective clients. She specializes in coaching her clients for a natural performance, even when they’re afraid to be on camera.

Jill lives in San Diego with her husband, Eric, who is also in the video production industry. She created the Do It Yourself Video Package because she saw that lots of small business owners were attempting to do videos themselves, but failing. She saw that if they just knew a few basics of video production, they could probably succeed, but they need a little training first. So she created this fast and easy online video training to help small business owners get up to speed and able to use the incredible power of online video to grow their businesses. She’ll be sharing more about what her Do It Yourself Video Package can do for you at the end of this webinar, so stick around.

Jill has worked in the video production industry for 8 years on projects ranging from producing a feature film to producing short films, infomercials, exercise videos, and more than 100 online video commercials. Her favorite parts of video production are the artistry of creating beautiful images and the strategic effectiveness of telling her clients’ stories through the most powerful communication medium in the world, which is video.

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