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Patty Lennon – Crowdfunding with Ease

lennonHow to use thecrowdfunding–hottest marketing trend– to fund your next project with absolutely no risk and have a blast doing it!

Crowdfunding expert Patty Lennon crowdfunded her Mom Gets A Business Conference in 14 days (during Hurricane Sandy) and became a featured campaign on Indiegogo.

She joins us to share with you the secrets to her success and how anyone, anywhere that has access to a computer and a good idea can successfully crowdfund anything!

Get out your causes & campaigns and take notes!

You will discover

  • Why right now is the very best time to launch a crowdfunding campaign
  • The Secrets to creating a campaign that is set up to succeed from Day 1
  • What you need to do before your campaign even starts to ensure you are featured by your crowdfunding site aka The Holy Grail of Crowdfunding
  • How to successfully fund large dollar amounts with small lists
  • The one BIG mistake every crowdfunder makes (even Patty) and how to avoid it

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More about Patty

Patty Lennon plunged headfirst into the Wild West World of crowdfunding in 2012 when she decided to go outside the sponsor world to raise $45,000 for her Mom Gets A Business Conference through crowdfunding. A former VP at a global bank and business coach, she quickly unlocked the formula to successful crowdfunding and is passionate about sharing this valuable business growth and marketing strategy with entrepreneurs everywhere! Learn more at


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