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Marlee Ward – 3 Keys to Creating a Magnetic Marketing Message

03142012-Marlee-digi-33-200x300How Your Own Story Acts as The Glue that Makes Your Message Sticky

In this webinar, participants will learn how to attract more of their ideal customers to their business by unlocking the power of a magnetic marketing message.

  • How to Unlock the Magnetic Elements of Your Message
  • Why Your Customers are Your Best Source of Magnetic Copy
  • How Your Own Story Acts as The Glue that Makes Your Message Sticky

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Marlee in her own words

I’m a business coach, marketing mastermind, and speaker. Nothing gets me more fired up than helping solo entrepreneurs increase their income and their impact by becoming effective marketers who build profitable businesses that serve others with integrity and authenticity.

I’m a licensed attorney and member of the Florida bar. Prior to practicing law, I served as an Executive Marketing Director for a software company in Dallas, Texas.

I’ve lived all over the world, I’ve backpacked Europe on my own, and I’ve learned a lot of things in life through trial and error. But it’s those experiences, coupled with divine-inspired wisdom, that enables me to help others so effectively, and it’s an incredible privilege to do so.

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