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Lori Gama – R.I.P. SEO: Social Search Optimization is the New Normal

lori-gamaLearn about which Social Signals (like smoke signals) you must have so that you can attract your tribe

The Google “dance” changes frequently and can be a bit frustrating to learn the new “dance steps.”

This webinar will give you the most important search strategy and tips to implement starting NOW.

What you’ll learn from Lori:

  • Some “old” SEO is still useful – here’s what you need to keep doing
  • Google+ Profile Optimization Tips
  • Google Authorship – The “Why”
  • Google Authorship – The “How” (Basic steps)
  • YouTube Search Optimization – Get your video thumbnail in search results

Read Lori’s blog post on Social Buzz Club for more!

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More about Lori:

Lori Gama is an Online Visibility Expert and founder of DaGama Web Studio, founded in 1995. She is passionate about the work she does with entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and other business professionals, throughout the U.S., to grow business by leveraging online visibility through social networks; social search engine optimization, video and website design so her clients can have more visibility, credibility and profitability. When you meet her in person and ask her what she does, she will tell you: “I help you attract your tribe with your vibe.” Lori has an adorable teen-aged son and pro-golfer husband and they live happily in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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