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Rhonda Ryder – How to Make Videos That Grow Your Business Fast

ryder(and Make You Money) Even If You HATE How You Look or Sound on Camera

Video done right helps you get lots of traffic and make you lots of new customers, clients and sales. Plus, you don’t have to look like a model or sound like a star to make successful videos.

Video marketing maven, Rhonda Ryder, shares her sure-fire success secrets to help you be more comfortable with the number one marketing tool on the internet… video!

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All you have to do is “be you’ (be your authentic self). We’ll cover 7 tips on how to get started making your own authentic traffic-generating, sales-making videos.

In this live webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to get comfortable in front of the camera
  • How to write scripts that convert (opt-ins and sales)
  • How to transform your videos from boring to mesmerizing
  • How to connect with your eyes and your voice
  • How to bring out the real you in a way that engages your viewers

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More about Rhonda:

Rhonda Ryder left the corporate world in 2003 where she worked as a copywriter for over 15 years to start her own company, Help Me Rhonda Marketing. Since then, she has written sales copy and video scripts for numerous New York Times best selling authors and 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs. In addition, she created her own successful online companies in various niches. With the onset of videos and YouTube, it was only natural Rhonda would launch Be You Videos, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs (intimidated by video) make engaging, high-converting scripts and videos that grow their businesses.

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