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Nis Frome – Insights from Fringe Cases

NisFromeHow learning from bootstrappers is a lot more effective than trying to copy the digital giants

All too often the powers that be share marketing case studies from the likes of IBM, Coca Cola, and other multinational corporations with unparalleled resources.

But how much can the vast majority of us really learn from these digital giants?

We don’t have their resources, data, or manpower and we often try to replicate their initiatives with nowhere near as meaningful results.

By digging deep into the stories of vastly successful entrepreneurs who grew their businesses by being resourceful, we can derive insights with immediate applications.

In this webinar, Nis will explore:

  • Several case studies involving entrepreneurs and small businesses that resulted in enormous growth without spending a fortune
  • Real, proven, and applicable takeaways from these case studies that you can immediately apply to your digital marketing techniques tomorrow
  • Why being resourceful is better than having resources, and a little something about “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur”

Buy the replay – just $27

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More about Nis:

Nis is a full-stack marketer with an obsession for UI/UX and growth hacking. He is an award-winning web and app developer, and is the co-organizer of both Natural User Interface Central and the Rutgers Mobile App Development club. Nis is currently the COO of Hublished, a content marketing channel he co-founded as a junior at Rutgers University.

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