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Barb Stuhlemmer – Doing Everything Yourself Leads to Failure

BarbStuhlemmer_400How Finding Your Ultimate Role Can Make Growing Your Business Easier

Wearing all the hats in your business can affect your bottom line and make it difficult to create more profit in your business as well as overwhelm and exhaust you.

When you know your ultimate role you will have the focus needed to streamline your business as it grows, create new products, implement systems, and automation that will help you offload the work and still provide your clients with a consistent buying experience.

When we start in business we often are the only person doing all the work. Some of the biggest challenges people have growing their businesses are knowing they need to grow but not having the time or the resources to make it happen.

In this training Barb helps entrepreneurs to understand what the key blocks are in freeing their time and then understanding how to use the resources they have to start the growth they seek. Barb will cover:

  • How wearing all the hats in your business can affect your bottom line and make it difficult to create more profit in your business as well as overwhelm and exhaust you.
  • Get a clear vision of what your ultimate role is in your business and some affordable and free ways to start offloading the work.
  • Understand the process of creating a bigger business so it will feel easily doable for you and your team as you grow.
[plain]Read Barb’s post on Social Buzz Club about changing your habits and thinking BIGGER.[/plain]

If you want to know how to handle more clients, create more products, and hire more people without bankrupting your business or your personal well-being then you will want to be present for this training.

What you’ll learn with Barb:

  • Why doing everything in our business cause us to fail.
  • How to know when you are blocked to growth in your business
  • How to identify what your ideal role is.
  • The first three roles you need to stop working on.
  • Key ways to let go of the work, even if you think cannot afford to.


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More about Barb:

Barb Stuhlemmer started out in medical and technology almost 25 years ago. Since then she has had many positions in high-tech medical and software companies leading to the development of her first company ClearComm Information Design Inc. During these years Barb spent more time learning about business development and helping business owners for free which lead to her second company BLITZ Business Success, where she continues to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to be confident, to say ‘Yes’ without fear, and to take on big growth in their businesses.

Barb is a Speaker, Author, Leader, College Instructor, TV Show Host, Entrepreneur, 2013 Finalist for the eWomen Network Femtor awards, and a Business Growth Mentor whose goal it is to inspire Ambitious business growth so business owners can live their biggest dreams.

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