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Sandy Weaver Carman – Podcast Production 101

Sandy Weaver Carman head shotHow to easily have the most professional-sounding podcast

Thinking of podcasting, but not sure how to start? Want something that sounds better (and more professional!) than the common online options? DIY is in your grasp with this webinar!

You’ve been writing blog posts, copy for your website and answering the same questions from prospective clients for a long time.

You know what all of that is? Podcasts waiting to be produced! Podcast listening exploded with the growth of smartphone usage as people discovered they could multitask while learning. They should be learning from you, too!

In this webinar, you’ll learn the secrets to producing a professional-sounding podcast, complete with music and even sound effects if you want them!

Using podcasts, you can showcase your expertise, drive traffic to your website and make money by selling advertising or selling access to your information.

Sandy will share essential secrets, like:

  • Where to find material for podcasts
  • Audio recording basics
  • Multi-track recording – useful for adding music and sound effects
  • Making yourself sound more authoritative using technology
  • The importance of congruency
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More about Sandy

Sandy Weaver Carman is the CEO of Voicework on Demand, Inc., a full-service audio production company. She specializes in working with writers, speakers, trainers and coaches, taking work they’ve already done and turning it into multiple revenue streams, or what Sandy has dubbed a “revenue river.” With 30+ years in major market radio as an on-air performer, she has worked with audio production since the dark ages of magnetic tape, grease pencils and razor blades! Sandy loves to show people how easily they can produce quality audio products to enhance their reputation as well as their bottom line.

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