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Wendy McClelland – Profit From the Power of LinkedIn

mcclellandLinkedIn is THE social media platform to use if you target professionals, business owners or organizations.

This webinar will show you how to connect with your ideal clients, what to say, how to get recommendations and referrals – all in an easy to follow system that takes only 30 minutes a day.

Ever wonder about the value of using LinkedIn to grow your business? On February 23, 2014 I started a five day “LinkedIn Experiment” and each day for five days I did one or two things that would grow my influence on this social network.

I expected to have some results, but I was pretty SHOCKED at what actually happened.

  • My connections went up over 13%,
  • My recommendations went up 600%.
  • My endorsements went up nearly 18%
  • My profile views in the previous 3 days went up 1,366%
  • and my profile showed up in the search in the previous days went up a WHOPPING !!

I also set up three phone calls to discuss joint ventures, am developing a webinar for a group of authors, have two people who have passed my training information along to their HR departments and I have one new signed client for long term marketing consulting!

Let me share my tactics with you! I’ll tell you EVERYTHING I did to get these results and even give you a template for making your initial connections.

I’m really excited about what I was able to do in a short five days and am excited to keep using LinkedIn to grow my connections with my ideal clients.

Join me for this great webinar and learn how you can achieve great results on LinkedIn!

  • Better Understanding of LinkedIn Basics
  • How to Make the “Right” Connections on LI
  • What to do AFTER You’ve Connected
  • LinkedIn Groups – How to Use Them
  • Long Term LinkedIn Success Strategy

More about Wendy

Wendy McClelland is a past nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year and her first website was chosen by the New York Times as “one of the best biz sites on the ‘net” (the same day Microsoft was chosen). With nearly 20 years of Internet experience Wendy has shared her Internet marketing and social media knowledge with over 10,000 people at live events.

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