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Barbra Bannon – Content Amplification That Works

barbrabannon_sm (1)Owned, Paid, and Earned Media Strategies

Media Relations has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, shifting from a small majority of companies having major influence and authority to more of a distributed influencer network of bloggers, corporations, and citizen journalists.

Corporations have become their own publishing companies, creating powerful and professionally produced content that really takes charge of their reputation in the marketplace. Overall, brands are relying less and less on traditional media channels.

So what channels are working?  How are new media professionals succeeding?

In this presentation, Barbra will lay the framework for how to identify, nourish, and connect with the people and communities that you will need to create highly customized, interconnected webs of earned, and paid, content partners to leverage your content.

  • Learn to use content suggestion engines to amplify your content
  • Connect with influencers in key communities
  • Build your networks to become a powerful influencer yourself
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More about Barbra:

Barbra Bannon the Principle Firestarter at Spark Evolution a social strategy and online marketing firm. She is a founding member of the BOSS Alliance, an exclusive organization of executives with proven track records in professional excellence. Her focus is in neuromarketing and its use in crafting persuasive and sticky messages to influence and engage culture towards a socially responsible vision of the future. She is the author of “How to be an Online Marketing Rock Star”, an online marketing maven, a social entrepreneur, teacher, student, philosopher, writer, and idea addict. She works with universities, corporations, and professional associations to educate their members in new media, and writes for a variety of publications including Her course topics range from “the modern media ecology and what it means for your brand” to “using social media to explode event engagement”. She is the former owner of Cranky Creative Group, an out-of-home advertising and graphics company where she served clients such as Mercedes Benz, Lenovo, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Kroger.


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