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Patricia Wall – 5 Effective Tips for Enticing Engagement

5 Effective Tips for Enticing Engagement with Relationship Expert Patricia Wall

How do you entice engagement when your social followers are inundated with streams of clever quotes, pretty posters and cute kittens?  

You have seconds to grab their attention so they’ll pause the scroll of puppies and clichés and actually respond to your post.

Likes and Pluses are great! Do you want more engagement? Do you want shares that expand your reach and comments that spark curiosity?

Getting your audience chatting on social media is like being in the cluster of people at the cocktail party that are having a great time – people want in! Relationship expert Patricia Wall says popularity is a skill you can learn. Join Patricia Wall for relationship tips to entice engagement that builds your tribe.  

During this webinar you will discover:

  • Language tricks to attract your niche market
  • Techniques for giving your readers that important feeling of success so they’ll want to engage
  • How to use pacing to entice engagement
  • How to craft your posts to target your niche and get your audience talking
  • Keep your followers feeling good by avoiding tricky negative triggers

HINT: Build your tribe with mindful engagement

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More about Patricia Wall:

For decades, Relationship Expert, Patricia Wall has guided people to success in relationships at work and at home. She entered this field as a result of her own challenges arising from a car accident and injuries that left her unable to function. When western medicine proved unsuccessful, Patricia immersed herself in learning about brain function and ancient healing practices. By integrating these modalities into her life, she was able heal and achieve her personal goals. She founded Take The Lid Off Inc to empower people to make real, sustainable change. She has combined old practices and new awareness to create a set of tools that suit the demands of modern, busy lives.

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