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Janice Clark – Outsourcing Your Busy Work so You Can Get Busy Working

clark3How to get started outsourcing to a virtual assistant and the biggest pitfalls to avoid

Janice Clark, owner of BizMSolutions, KNOWS from Virtual Assistance… she founded her own company on it!

This week’s webinar with Janice will help you navigate the waters of knowing how, and when, a virtual assistant will alleviate the stress of busy work in your life… and free you up to do the work you NEED to do – the work that your work is!

Administration, marketing, website updates and social media monitoring are probably NOT what YOUR work is…

If that’s true… then hiring a virtual assistant could be the next great thing you do to accelerate your success. Finding a team-mate who can take over the stuff you procrastinate on, the stuff you find challenging, the stuff you just don’t “get” is the fastest way to get out of your own way so you can be the best at what you’re best at!

In this webinar, Janice will discuss:

  • How to get started finding a VA
  • What tasks you can instantly offload to a qualified VA
  • How to set clear expectations & goals with your new VA
  • How to manage your VA relationship
  • Contracts and skill sets
  • Communication issues that you can eliminate from the start\
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More about Janice:

Janice Clark has spent the past 19 years building and coaching professional teams in sales, marketing and operations. 10 years in the outside workforce was enough to make her realize that she was DONE killing herself for 3{85f64d0828d768825ddac8ed87db0864ab0456074e96efe88a57512d3a055da5} raises and having someone else dictate her schedule, so, in 2005 she founded BizMSolutions, a growing company that she is proud to run in front of her daughter. Janice and her team have helped thousands of companies and entrepreneurs improve their visibility, profits and reputation. A Social Media Strategist by the International Social Media Association (ISMA), Janice continues her education by participating in ongoing training with leaders in the industry.

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