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Jonathan Bender – How to Get a Standing Ovation

benderThe 5 Elements You Need to Be a Confident, Rockstar Speaker

Getting a standing ovation – not to mention becoming a confident, dynamic, charismatic speaker – may like a huge mystery. And standard “speak to sell” trainings don’t cover it. In this presentation, discover the 5 areas you need to grow so that you can take the stage, knock ’em dead… and, of course, easily sign up new clients and customers.

Do you wish you could get consistent standing ovations when you speak? …And yet, maybe you still struggle with feeling nervous. It’s within your reach to become a dynamic, engaging speaker… and to be non-salesey or manipulative… and inspire audiences to leap to their feet. Sooner than you may think.

Warming: clichéd advice doesn’t work (“picture the audience in their underwear”) – and neither do overly formulaic approaches. The good news: there are simple steps you can take to truly find your power and confidence, and to master the skills need to rock the house.

In this webinar, you will…

  • Discover the secrets behind why we have so much fear around speaking – and how to change it
  • Receive the 5 Keys to Speaking with Confidence – the steps to become a powerful, inspiring speaker who uses speaking to get clients and make a bigger difference
  • Learn how to find Authentic Presence – which moves audiences to action
  • Find out how to accurately assess where you are right now as a speaker – and discern what steps you need to take next

In this webinar, 20-year public speaking coach Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA will reframe your understanding of what public speaking is, how it works… and how you can step into your purpose… deeply inspiring and moving audiences to action.

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More about Jonathan:

Since 1996, Jonathan Bender, the founder of WholeSpeak, LLC (, has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals to get over their fear of speaking, being seen, and the fear that they need to be like someone else in order to be successful. By infusing public speaking with performance techniques and personal and spiritual growth, he helps you show up with authentic and dynamic presence, so you can claim your true voice and change lives – and the world. Specialties include crafting masterful keynotes and presentations that attract clients and create change in the world; enhancing presence and charisma as a dynamic speaker; and finding confidence and power. Jonathan is also a professional theater director, creator, actor, and writer. A coach since 1996, Jonathan holds a Master of Fine Art in Theater, well as a Master of Science in Communication and Performance Studies, and now trains coaches in The WholeSpeak Method.

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