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Elaine Lindsay – Finally Get Your Google Plus On

How To Leverage Google Plus And Grow Your Business

Elaine-Lindsay-Faculty-Dean-digital-mediaHave you ignored using Google Plus in your social media marketing mix? Did you hear that it was dead? SEO and Social Media specialist, Elaine Lindsay, will dive under the Google Plus hood and show what you need to know. You’ll discover how to tweak your digital presence and get your social marketing humming. Google is a well oiled machine it’s time to make it work for you business.

In this program you will discover how to:

  • Settle the rumors about Google Plus going away
  • Share new features like Collections and Photos and what that means for business
  • Reveal how to increase reach on using little known Google Plus tips
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More about ELAINE:

Elaine Lindsay: Speaker ♦ Search & Social Media Optimization & Integration ♦Trainer Online Video Producer  ♦ Moderator ♦ Google+ Maven ♦ Social Media Consultant ♦ SEO ♦  A G+ Evangelist & early adopter ♦ Host of Business Banter Plus TV

Elaine Lindsay loves to connect. Her background in Web Dev and SEO, made her dive into Social Media, a natural progression.  An early adopter, Elaine felt Google+ to be the bridge that would link Search and Social Media, giving small business a better chance at being found in the search engine results pages(SERPs). ‘Semantic Search’ and ‘Social Proof’ are now key factors of the foundation of that bridge.

Through the use of search & social optimization tools,  Elaine helps you to engage, to get better customer buy-in and to increase engagement with your brand to build ongoing relationships.

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