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Diane Currie Sam – Get Your Webinar Done

Thursday, September 24, 2015 – 11AM PACIFIC, 2PM EASTERN

Discover The 3 Massive Mistakes Most Coaches, Consultants and Experts Make When Trying to Get Their Webinar Done And How To Avoid Them So That You Can Launch a Profitable Webinar in the Next 30 Days or Less!

diane currie sam

Join story-based marketing expert Diane Currie Sam, as she reveals how to launch a webinar in 30 Days or less .. without the tear-my-hair-out stress! And the #1 Secret to a Successful Webinar.

This Webinar Will Show you …

  • The #1 thing to know that will prevent the tearing-my-hair-out stress you have when thinking of launching a webinar
  • The Wrong Way to Launch a Webinar, why that will kill your momentum and results, (and, of course, what the Right Approach is that will lead to long term success)
  • The #1 Mistake that Will Prevent you from Ever making Webinars an effective marketing tool for you …
  • What top Marketers know (and you may not) that makes their Webinars Successful and Launched on Time
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More About Diane Currie Sam

Diane Currie Sam, BSc, MA is an award-winning business coach, a sales & marketing expert and master storyteller who has spoken on stages internationally and worked with hundreds of clients to initiate massive growth in their businesses through building story-based brands. She is the founder/CEO of “Be a Better Story” business services. Diane is a life-long innovator and entrepreneur, educator, and mother of two.

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