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Susan Friedmann – The 3-Step Author Marketing CPR Formula

Susan Friedmann author marketing

Thursday, December 12, 2019 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

How to Turn Your Non-Fiction Book Into a Money-Making, Business-Building Machine

After months or even years of hard work, you finally published your non-fiction book. You launched it and then sat back and waited for the fame and fortune to roll in…

…and you’re still waiting.

What happened?

Your message is out there in the world, but it’s like nobody noticed. No attention, no big sales, no new revenue, and no recognition for all your hard work and expertise.

Discover the simple yet surprisingly powerful 3-Step CPR Formula to help breathe new life into your non-fiction book.

Learn the secrets to get your book noticed by all the right people to massively increase your chances of becoming a bestseller in your chosen niche market even if you launched it months ago.

After this session you’ll know…

  • How to use the 3-Step ‘CPR Formula’ to easily and effectively breathe new life into your author marketing to increase your reach, impact, and income
  • How the 3 Essential Keys to an Expert Mindset will build your self-confidence and transform your author marketing from a “have to do” to a “want to do” activity
  • How to find the RIGHT niche market packed with your ideal clients, where you can easily go from invisible to visible (and put money in the bank!)
  • How to use practical tools to unearth potentially lucrative opportunities to share your valuable expertise and make a massive impact, because your message matters
  • How to use the secret strategy to sell your book without feeling sleazy, slimy, or salesy, so people want to buy and read it
  • How to use the best marketing techniques to be in a “category of one” where you aspire to be the go-to expert

And a whole lot more!

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More about Susan Friedmann:

Susan’s out-the-box approach to niche marketing strategies have won her international acclaim. As a result of her numerous publications, she’s been a featured expert on CNN Financial News, Bloomberg Business and in hundreds of articles. With over 25 years of training experience traveling the globe, and as the host of the award-winning podcast, Book Marketing Mentors, Susan is on a mission to help non-fiction authors develop the skills and self-confidence to turn their book into a money-making machine.

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