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Gary Goldstein – The Story Business

Apply More Strategy, Tell A More Persuasive Story & Invest Less Sweat Equity

From producing films that have generated well over a billion dollars at the box office to producing businesses, Gary Goldstein brokers brilliant people and inspired ideas, discovering the golden threads that connect projects, people, solutions and success.  His passion and gift is to help people change context, elevate dialogue, and thereby create a new story that attracts strong, positive relationships and results.

During this webinar, Gary will reveal:

  • How to identify your most powerful story
  • Cooperative Marketing Strategies for extending your reach
  • Productivity & Sequestration: or why every man (and woman) should be an island (briefly and daily)
  • Networking & targeting mentors, ninja-style


Gary Goldstein teaches The Story Business. Fabulous webinar available now for only $17.


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