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Bill Heinrich – Three Critical Keys To Make an Authentic Connection

Thursday, July 8, 2021 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Stop selling and start creating an irresistible value proposition, speaking only to your perfect client!

The days of selling are over. The market has changed drastically and today people are looking for an authentic connection based on credibility and trust.

The only way to succeed at high level is to create a story that is a client magnet. There are twelve critical keys that must be included in your story, without any one of the twelve you will end up struggling. The correct story creates instant credibility and trust and is always followed by a powerful call-to-action. Never, ever speak to anyone about your business without ending with a call-to-action.

“We will not have time to cover all twelve keys but I will go into detail about the three most important ones. This is where everyone seems to fall short when speaking about your business. We see entrepreneurs always talking about they do, why it is good and how it works. Are you ready for a sicker…..your perfect client could care less! Why? Because they have an issue, problem or challenge in their life that they want to get past and they want demand quick results! I will cover the three most important keys that demonstrate to your perfect client that you have the answer and you can show them how to change their life fast!”

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Here’s a little taste of Bill’s wisdom:

More about Bill:

Bill Heinrich, Co-creator of Six Minute Webinar technology with over 50 years business experience Bill Heinrich understands the importance of speaking clearly to your audience.

Bill is a “high level” business coach, working with business owners and “C” level executives. Bill is the author of 3 books all with a focus on creating clarity of your authentic life purpose. Bill’s specialty is assisting Six Minute Webinar clients to get astounding clarity regarding their business message. This allows you to speak to anyone, anywhere clearly, with a short and concise message and a powerful call-to-action.



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