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Henri Schauffler – How To Enroll More High-Ticket Clients Than You Ever Imagined Possible

Thursday, July 22, 2021 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Fill your pipeline with willing buyers – without resorting to high pressure “sales” or expensive advertising. Achieve your business goals while helping your clients achieve theirs.

With all that you know you have to offer to help people, if you have been challenged to actually close new business, then this session with Henri Schauffler is for you!

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How to identify exactly why you are not enrolling the number of high-end clients you desire to serve – and the reason may surprise you!
  • How to determine exactly what your clients need so that you can deliver the perfect solution.
  • How to attract new leads happy to communicate with you and that you actually enjoy working with.
  • The best ways to build relationships before selling, and without time-consuming and ineffective “content posting” all over the Internet (secret: posting works well for B2C, but not so much for B2B). Find out what to do instead.
  • How to build in a subtle “hook” with every communication that draws in your leads ethically – so they have a deep desire to set an appointment with you
  • Why your initial calls or meetings with prospects have been failing, and exactly what to do about it
  • Once you’ve met with someone, what you need to do to present your solution so they will “close themself.” Say goodbye to “sales closing” as we’ve known it! …and much more!

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More about Henri:

Ever since he began consulting and coaching over 500 small business owners from the 1990s, Henri’s mission has been to help grow businesses strategically – generating tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue and profit. He’s proud to offer this special presentation to Social Buzz U as the culmination of his many years of service to the SMB community.

Henri believes that small businesses are more important now than ever, not only for the livelihood of solo founders, their businesses and their families, but for the entire country and the economy.

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