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Terza Ekholm & Laura Rubinstein – How To Harness the Power of Your Mailbox to Grow Your Business

Thursday, October 28, 2021 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Build your client loyalty & client attraction process with the power of appreciation marketing.

Every day people go to their mailbox only to receive 99% junk mail and bills. You can change that! And radically enhance your business. What if your presence in your past, present, and potential future clients’ mailboxes can grow your business?

There is a huge opportunity to garner business through appreciation marketing strategies.

During this webinar, Terza Ekholm and Laura Rubinstein will share how to create an experience for clients and prospects that makes you stand out.

You will discover:

  • How to automate your thoughtfulness
  • Grow loyalty from your client base
  • Develop captivating messaging to magnetize new business
  • How to integrate new revenue streams into your existing business

This program will enhance any business that values relationships.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, real estate professional, speaker, event coordinator, contractor, lawyer, doctor, holistic practitioner,  insurance agent, hairstylist, etc., you will love how you can add positive buzz to your business by showing up in a cost-effective way in the mailbox.

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Preview… You’re going to love the strategies to build your business by being thoughtful!

More about Laura and Terza:

Laura Rubinstein is a Digital Media and Marketing Strategist who has developed branding and business growth strategies for over 1000 businesses. She is the bestselling author of, “Social Media Myths Busted: The Small Business Guide to Online Revenue” and founder of Social Buzz Club. Her passion is expanding entrepreneurs and thought leaders’ visibility, reputation, and profitable relationships.

Terza Ekholm is an artist, client retention specialist, and former software professional. She loves unleashing women’s potential to become thriving entrepreneurs. She is a Certified MailboxPower Trainer who shows businesses how to profit using the power of gifting and appreciation marketing.

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