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Micaela Passeri – Top 3 Emotions that Trip You Up In Business

Now Playing Through Sunday, November 14

How to Get Into the Flow Of Abundance

Emotions dictate our feelings which in turn dictate our thoughts. Thoughts dictate our actions which in turn dictate our results. If you are not happy about what you have been creating in your business and life, your unresolved emotions are the root cause.

Identify, understand, manage and release the trapped emotions in the subconscious and you will have found the key to your success.

In this session you will learn:

  • Four Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  • How managing your emotions can raise your ROI
  • Emotional Ninja Hacks to offset the emotional rollercoaster in your Business
  • How to raise your Wealth Set Point and go beyond your current capped money ceiling

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More about Micaela:

Micaela Passeri is an Inspirational Fashion Designer turned Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Trained in NLP, MER and Emotion Code, Micaela works with women (and a few good men) who are looking to create powerful life experiences and permanent changes to their business and personal life and are on a soulful journey to discover their inner voice, master their subconscious programming and step into the next better version of themselves.

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