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Lena West – Successful Social Media Marketing

Lena West American Express Open blogger social media consultant

Stop Giving a Cr*p About Facebook!

8 Strategies to Make Sure Your Social Media Marketing is Successful No Matter WHAT Facebook Does!

Lena West American Express Open blogger social media consultantLena L. West is an award-winning social media consultant, blogger, speaker, journalist, technologist and the CEO & Chief Social Media Marketing Mentor at, a social media consulting firm that helps women entrepreneurs profit from the power of Social Media and the Internet. West is also a columnist for American Express OPENForum.

During the webinar, Lena will reveal…

  • Why the changes that Facebook makes really shouldn’t impact your business 
  • 8 things to do to make your business Facebook change-proof
  • How having a “home base” benefits you more than you know


Lena West teaches you how to Stop Giving a Cr*p About Facebook. Fabulous webinar available now for just 17!
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