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Lana McAra ~ 3 Steps to Reading Your Perfect Prospect’s Mind

Insider Secrets: 3 Steps to Reading Your Perfect Prospect’s Mind So You Can Give Them What They Want Every Time.  

For the past 25 years Lana McAra has been an award-winning, best-selling author of 19 books with more than half a million books sold because of her skill with character development and understanding why people do what they do. She’s the host of the wildly popular talk radio show The Prospect Profiler™ and creator of the innovative marketing tool, InstantClientGenerator™.

Bringing her skills to the table, Lana McAra can read your prospect’s mind and tell you the emotional impulses that will have them saying yes. Like an FBI profiler identifies an unknown suspect, she can identify your Perfect Prospect and give you their mindset, their challenges, and the precise words that will have them lining up for your products and programs.

During this presentation, Lana will reveal how to get a grip on what your prospects want in a clear and concise way and you’ll also discover

• How to get to the bottom line of your client attraction

• 3 buzz-killing mindsets that are holding you back

• How to get clear in less than 10 minutes on why your clients buy and
  the very words that will have them eager and wanting more.

Hosted by Laura Rubinstein.

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Lana McAra teaches you how to read your prospects minds so you can give them what they want and have them buy from you every time. Only $17


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