Lethia Owens – Magnetic Marketing Strategies Using Google Helpouts

Lethia Owens on Google+ HELPoutsGet Paid for What You Know and Fill Your Sales Funnel

If you are like most business owners, you are constantly looking for fresh and innovative ways to get your message out in front of new prospects.

You have great products or services but find you need to get your message out in front of more people in order to build a thriving business.

You may have tried traditional social media marketing strategies such as Facebook Ads, Featured posts on Twitter or Guest Blogging…

But did you know you could get paid to fill your sales funnel? Thanks to a fairly new tool called Google Helpouts, there are people online looking for answers…answers you could probably provide and best of all, they are willing to pay you for your expertise.

This webinar will provide simple yet powerful strategies to extend your brand reach to a new audience, get you paid for what you know and fill your sales funnel with ease.

  • Learn the purpose and value of using Google Helpouts to grow your business
  • Learn the steps you need to take to setup your own Google Helpouts
  • Discover helpful strategies for marketing your Google Helpouts

Don’t miss out! This new tool will take off… get on it early!

More about Lethia:

Lethia Owens is redefining the modern approach to personal branding and online marketing with her magnetic programs. As the nation’s leading expert on the art of building brand influence Lethia has helped thousands of people reinvent themselves as powerful success magnets through her insightful books, powerful presentations, and inspiring story of determination and perseverance. Lethia is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world.

She has written 9 books, 5 of which are best sellers and she uses her passion to help her clients turn their gifts, talents and passion into their competitive advantage in the marketplace. In her latest book Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand, Lethia continues her tradition of elevating readers to new heights through real-life examples of personal branding and techniques on how to stand out among other industry professionals.

Renae Christine – Mastering Google+ Hangouts

renae2The ultimate guide to triple your traffic using google hangouts

As soon as Renae Christine learned Google hangouts her traffic tripled. Now she’s here to reveal the same tools and resources that she herself uses daily.

[success]Check out Renae’s exclusive vlog on Social Buzz Club… you’ll get even more great info![/success]

Join us for an exclusive one-time webinar where you will learn:

• What are Google hangouts and why you should use them.

• Where to find untapped traffic using Google hangouts.

• Basic and advanced approaches to mastering Google hangouts.

• Tools, apps and resources to make Google hangouts a breeze.

• How to use Google hangouts for webinars, podcasts and blogs.

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Rene Banuelos – Generate Results Combining the Power of Facebook & G+ Hangouts

ReneBanuelos-smYour prospects will not buy until they get to know you and trust you.

Rene Banuelos is the CEO of #22Social , a facebook marketing system that’s making waves, and getting results!

Yes, you need to change your marketing strategy, AGAIN!!!

The mindset of the consumer is changing and that cold & static website or landing page page will no longer work.

You need to build community where your prospects can get to know you, feel you are genuine and have the piece of mind of knowing you are going to stick around long after they buy.

Facebook & G+ Hangouts alone are not enough. You need a Community Sales System that is the “glue” that harnesses the power of both to allow you to deliver your message, earn the trust & credibility of your prospects and generate sales.

Join us on January 9th @11AM PST and learn how you can create this system and start your community in a matter of minutes.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to gain your prospects’ trust & credibility
  • Internet Marketing vs Social Marketing
  • How to Combine the power of Facebook & G+ Hangouts
  • Create a win-win by syndicating live G+ Hangouts

Carol Dodsley – Smashing the myths and uncovering the power & excitment of GPlus and Hangouts

carol-cutout-cleantoponlymediumFed-up of spending hours online chatting and being “social” without any real results?

If you want to position yourself as an authority, get found when your audience are hungry and ready to buy what you offer, join Carol as she shares how positioning yourself using the big “G” WILL save you time and money, and at the same time increase leads, customers and profit in your business.

Would you like to build a community around your brand, position yourself as the authority in your niche and share your message with those who are waiting to hear it?

This webinar will smash the myths, uncover the power and share the excitement of GPlus and Hangouts and how they WILL make a difference to you and your business!

Carol Dodsley is a GPlus and Hangouts expert, trainer and author of the #1 best seller book A DivaPreneurs guide to G+.  This lady really knows her stuff and you are going to get to discover the truth about GPlus and Hangouts during this informative and top class content rich webinar, that will show you why most ‘preneurs and business owners, right now, are leaving money on the table and letting their competitors take their business.

In this webinar, Carol will reveal insights and strategies on:

  • What GPlus really is (and it’s probably not what you think)
  • Building a community around your brand
  • Attracting more leads, clients and profits in your business

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Elaine Lindsay – 7 Savvy Tips for Mining Google Plus Gold!

Elaine Lindsay is Passionate about Social Business training, social media strategies and the integration with SEO. 

Elaine Lindsay - Social Media Maven & Google+ Evangelist

Elaine Lindsay - Social Media Maven & Google+ Evangelist

Tailoring clients’ social media efforts to yield the most exposure and optimization through engagement to build the client presence online to raise their bottom line is what get her jazzed… and she wants to share that bug with you.

A certified social media & relationship marketing professional–who mentored with Mari Smith– and a Google+ Savant & Evangelist, her clients call her ‘The Social Media Maven’.

In this exclusive Social Buzz U webinar, Elaine will share three important strategies:

How to:

  • Maximize your Google+ profile – to build your company page
  • Manage your  Google+  circles
  • Extend your Google+ reach across the web 

Buy Now!

Elaine Lindsay webinar is only $17

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A little more about Elaine:

I specialize in Google+, Social Business & Relationship Marketing Strategies, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Online or offline NOW – Social Business the new paradigm.

I design and deliver intuitive business solutions  

I love to Inspire others to excellence through training and Public Speaking. I provide effective tools to harmonize your branding, your message and your online presence, through the use of  great tips, tweaks, social media strategies, and Social Media Marketing.

I have a unique sense of humour, well developed intuition, and still play ‘The Glad Game*’ daily. I am the ‘Eternal PollyAnna’  

Featured expert in the upcoming book “Solving the Social Media Puzzle” – www.solvingthesocialmediapuzzle.com by Kathryn Rose.