Rodger Hollingsworth – Retargeting On Your Own Site


What if you could present specific content based on what visitors do on your site? Do you think you’d get more engagement and leads? Remarketers do. We know that retargeting is a key to a successful online business.  Ad networks take care of retargeting your customers when they visit other sites…  But are you retargeting them within your own site?

Retargeting is a a great tool to help get that key advertisment in front of the correct people. Ad Networks allow you to retarget users that have visited your site so that your advertising spend is focused and reaches the best audience possible.

The theory can also be applied to content within your site.  

By dynamically adjusting the content, maybe just a word or possibly an entire page, to display content that is specifically designed to appeal to the visitor based on their usage of your site, what time frame they are visiting the site,  if they have opted in to your list,  or if maybe they have already purchased a product.

Rodger is the developer of VisitorLogicPro – a powerful wordpress plugin that can completely change the way you think about your website content… in a very short time.

In this webinar, Rodger will demonstrate the power of using retargeting on your own site to:

  • Turn your website into a automatic sales machine
  • Have your website dynamically display new headlines, content, images, videos, banners, or messages on any page, based on a what pages a visitor has viewed
  • Hide or reveal offers, BASED on the number of visits to your site, or visits to a certain page
  • Display Promos or any content within a CERTAIN date range (Automated Real Date Scarcity)
  • Show specific content on specific pages, posts, categories, or author pages!

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More about Rodger:

Rodger is passionate about finding technology solutions to solve problems. Whether the problem is business operations, existing process efficiency, or technology related, he strives to create solutions that will best serve the needs of the client. 30 years of experience creating solutions across a wide variety of businesses provides a large knowledge base to draw from when analyzing a situation and creating a solution. His current focus is on using internet technology to make businesses more efficient. Integration of products happens to be his favorite topic. Knowledge is power, Knowledge comes from data, access to data give a company the power to make better decisions.

Dr. Karen Jacobson – Putting The R. A. P. in Rapport

jacobsonHigh Power Communication Skills – Learn how to turn prospects into life long followers and sales into solutions.

Are you great at meeting new people yet have problems making the sale and closing the deal?

Master the art of High power communication by Putting the R.A.P. in rapport!

Whether it’s sales or a budding romance, proper communication is essential and can make all the difference between closing the deal and a blossoming relationship or walking away empty handed.

[success]Get more information about putting the R. A. P. In  Rapport in Dr. Jacobson’s article on Social Buzz Club. Read it here.[/success]

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the different communication styles – VAKS
  • Understand what is being said beyond the spoken word
  • Gain the confidence to respond effectively and communicate clearly in any situation
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More about Dr. Jacobson

Dr. Karen Jacobson invested years studying leadership, human behavior, communication and Law of Attraction following the works of Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and others. She Received certifications in Coaching, NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy from the Tad James Company.

For over 22 years in chiropractic practice, she focused on Mind-body Connection and its effects on health and Human Potential. The experience of healing herself naturally from Systemic Lupus has taught her that there are no limits to what we can create. Our life and our health come from within, and are dictated by our personal blueprint: our perception of the world, mindset, emotions and beliefs.

As a high performance coach, Dr. Karen blends Intuition with Science offering you the Keys to Unlock Your Ultimate Potential and Live an Extraordinary Life!

Samantha Hartley – How to Create Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages

hartleyAre you feeling disheartened because potential clients’ eyes glaze over when you tell them what you do?

Tired of prospects who don’t get your value and push back on your fees?

Imagine talking about your business with confidence – and seeing the eyes of potential clients light up, eager to hear more . . .

Marketing expert, Samantha Hartley, joins us to share some incredible insights & techniques for re-writing your messaging in ways that will give you more confidence than ever, and make you irresistible to existing and potential clients.

[success]Read Samantha’s post on Social Buzz Club – 5 Ways to Express Your Message More Effectively on Social Media– for instant insights[/success]

In this free training workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The Secret Language of Marketing — and how you can use it to attract more clients, raise your prices (yes!) and speak with more confidence than ever before
  • DOZENS of easily-overlooked places your marketing message can reach potential clients with NO extra effort on your part
  • How to clarify your unique “WOW factor” for yourself, your family and – most importantly – potential clients quickly and easily
  • The ingenious, time-saving tool that practically writes your website, presentations and marketing materials for you
  • 5 surprising ways the Secret Language of Marketing will transform your business to make doing what you love even easier and more joyful
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Nis Frome – Insights from Fringe Cases

NisFromeHow learning from bootstrappers is a lot more effective than trying to copy the digital giants

All too often the powers that be share marketing case studies from the likes of IBM, Coca Cola, and other multinational corporations with unparalleled resources.

But how much can the vast majority of us really learn from these digital giants?

We don’t have their resources, data, or manpower and we often try to replicate their initiatives with nowhere near as meaningful results.

By digging deep into the stories of vastly successful entrepreneurs who grew their businesses by being resourceful, we can derive insights with immediate applications.

In this webinar, Nis will explore:

  • Several case studies involving entrepreneurs and small businesses that resulted in enormous growth without spending a fortune
  • Real, proven, and applicable takeaways from these case studies that you can immediately apply to your digital marketing techniques tomorrow
  • Why being resourceful is better than having resources, and a little something about “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur”

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Marlee Ward – 3 Keys to Creating a Magnetic Marketing Message

03142012-Marlee-digi-33-200x300How Your Own Story Acts as The Glue that Makes Your Message Sticky

In this webinar, participants will learn how to attract more of their ideal customers to their business by unlocking the power of a magnetic marketing message.

  • How to Unlock the Magnetic Elements of Your Message
  • Why Your Customers are Your Best Source of Magnetic Copy
  • How Your Own Story Acts as The Glue that Makes Your Message Sticky

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