Solving the Social Media Puzzle

Thursday, November 8, 2012 – 11am PST

Kathryn Rose & Apryl Parcher – 7 simple steps to planning a social media marketing strategy for your business

Planless = Penniless: The Key to Success with Social Media is in the Planning

Feeling overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms and tools? Does your blood pressure rise every time Facebook changes its design or a new “hot” network is formed?

You’re not alone.

In this don’t-miss session, Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher will show you how to take the pressure off and make social media fun and profitable by using a simple planning strategy.

Attendees will discover:

  • The 7 steps you MUST take to plan a winning strategy
  • The top reasons why businesses don’t use social media and how you can use them to your advantage 
  • Practical tips for using top social networks to reach your target audience
  • Time saving tips and tricks

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