Jayne Burch – Beyond Lead Generation

Thursday May 14, 2015 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

How to Build an Automated Marketing and Sales Machine

Jayne-Burch-web-marketingWorking harder than you’d like to grow your business? Overwhelm is common and marketing is often the last thing that gets attention. However, you may have noticed that your business is not thriving yet. During this webinar Jayne Burch will show you how to automate your marketing so you get SALES.
Lead generation is important, but it’s what do you do AFTER you collect those leads that brings in your profits. Join us to discover what’s holding you back and how to automatically close more sales than ever before.

Discover how to:

  • Build a list of qualified leads with your website and social media
  • Follow up flawlessly so no more leads fall through the cracks
  • Turn more leads into revenue generating opportunities

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More about Jayne:

Jayne Burch is founder of Marketing Monsoon and the More Clients Alliance, online lead generation training and services for business owners. Her genius is turning ordinary brochure websites into revenue generating properties for all types of businesses, to help them to attract and capture only the most qualified leads,

Angie Swartz – Living Your Purpose in Life and Business

swartzThis webinar is for you if any of the following sound familiar:

  • You’ve got a good life (nice career, nice house, nice car, nice spouse, nice children) but you continue to ask yourself, “Is this all there is?”
  • You know that you’re here on Earth for a bigger purpose but you just can’t identify it?
  • Everything feels like a struggle and you know that life should be easier.
  • The harder you work, the more out of balance your feel.
  • You hate your job but can’t see a way to anything different.
  • Your stress level is very high.
  • You’re suffering with health issues and/or emotional pain.
  • Your life is so busy that you have no room for yourself.

In this deep webinar, we will cover 7+ steps which will help you uncover your purpose, increase personal mastery, reduce stress, find more balance and joy and increase your bottom line profits.

Here are just some of the areas we’ll cover:

  1. Life Purpose: Why Your Life Purpose is Important
  2. Business and Career: How Your Business and Career are impacted by Your Life Purpose
  3. Higher Calling: What is Feels like When Your Higher Calling is Knocking
  4. Recognizing Your Purpose: You’ve Always Known Your Purpose but Often Can’t Recognize It. Why Not?
  5. Learning from Your Life Events: Your Life Events Have Always Been Nudging You Toward a Greater Version of YOU.
  6. Know Thyself: Top 5 Resources for Knowing Yourself Better
  7. Emotional Healing: The Role of Emotional Healing and Addressing the Repeating Stories We Tell Ourselves
  8. Practices and Rituals: Incorporating Practices and Rituals and the Importance of Them
  9. The Body Connection: The Body’s Role in Finding Your Purpose
  10. Mindfulness Practices: Practices to Improve Your Life, Reduce Stress and Find Balance

If you are ready to live a life of higher meaning, more joy, balance where you can contribute to the world in a bigger way, I guarantee this webinar will get you started on the right path.

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More about Angie:

Angie Swartz is an Executive Business and Life Coach.  She helps people step into their full potential with one-on-one courses, group courses and topic specific coaching.  Angie also coaches businesses and leaders on creating conscious businesses, communication effectiveness, leadership development, business strategy and marketing.

Angie is the host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast, a passionate speaker, trainer and writer.  She has educated thousands at universities, conferences, webinars and private events, has been published in magazines and award winning blogs.

Angie holds a MBA, BBA and is a Certified Public Accountant.  She has focused on business strategy, human relations and communications for over twenty years and has worked for five of the top companies in the world.