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Jay Fairbrother – Mastermind Mastery

Thursday, August 24, 2023 – 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern

How to Find Your Ideal “Purple Fish” High-Ticket Clients

Are you an expert, influencer, speaker, or coach ready to scale your business? Jay Fairbrother offers a free Masterclass titled How Anyone Can Create a High-Impact, High-Ticket Program—highly recommended!

Have you struggled with getting off the roller coaster of attracting new clients and juggling course launches?

Would you like to discover how to leverage your time and expertise while transforming lives?

Have you wondered how you can grow your income, impact, and business simultaneously?

Join us for “Mastermind Mastery™: How Anyone Can Create a High-Impact, High-Ticket Program” with Jay Fairbrother, The Mastermind Guy”

You’ll discover how to:

  1. Leverage your most valuable asset (your time) to scale your business
  2. Develop a high-end program and attract the perfect right-fit clients
  3. Run a successful Mastermind or long-term group coaching program
  4. Amplify the impact, results, and transformation of your programs

And so much more!

Jay Fairbrother has 25 years of mastery in creating and running Masterminds. He has helped hundreds of coaches serve more people, get more high-end clients, and scale their businesses. Jay has founded, bought, and sold multiple 7-figure businesses. He is also the Executive VP of the Global Leaders Organization, a global entrepreneurial community.

After applying the tools and strategies he shares in this masterclass, you will be positioned to massively impact lives while creating a recurring revenue stream and significantly grow your business.

Reserve your spot now. We can’t wait to see you there!

More about Jay:

Jay Fairbrother is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and mastermind guru with 30 years of experience starting, buying and selling 7-figure businesses.

Jay’s story includes losing EVERYTHING after the 2010 financial crisis and rising from the shame to shine as The Mastermind Guy.

Jay helps Coaches and Experts with the programs Pricing 4 Profits™ Masterclass and Mastermind Mastery™: Create and Launch Your High-End Mastermind in 60 days.

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