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Please review the Social Buzz University Schedule to confirm the date your webinar is scheduled for.  All webinars are on Thursdays at 2 pm EST.  

If you are not scheduled, or need to change, contact Gina immediately.

If you have not recently used Adobe Connect Pro, please call Gina immediately to test the system (takes 15 minutes). She can be reached at 678-653-0115.

If you have not already done so, PLEASE FILL OUT THE SPEAKER APPLICATION ONLINE at

Or, if you have any problems filling out the online form, you may opt to email us the following items as soon as possible. Please email them to us at

We are excited to have you as a featured webinar leader on our live programming for Social Buzz Club. As a featured expert you will receive the following:

By accepting this invitation you are acknowledging that you grant Social Buzz Club and affiliated corporations, successors, licensees and agents the right to use your name, physical likeness and/or voice in connection with the production, merchandising, advertising and promotion in conjunction with the video/audio/webinar and any such product that it is packaged into. If you have a product, program, event or package you will be promoting, we would like the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions. Please send us the necessary forms/link to sign up.

PowerPoint Presentation – Due 2 Weeks Before Your Scheduled Webinar
Please send to your PowerPoint presentation (use standard fonts, basic graphics, and animations) two weeks prior to your scheduled webinar.

We will be adding our intro and outro slides and loading the deck onto the Adobe Connect system.

Blog Post
In order to get the word out most effectively, we request that you provide a 400-1500 word high content blog post on the same or similar subject as your webinar. Please submit that along with your PowerPoint Presentation 2 weeks prior to your scheduled webinar. You may repurpose any existing content you have.

Promote the Webinar – Guidelines
We request that you promote your webinar on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and to your email list starting 5-7 days before and the 5-7 days after.

Let your fans, followers, friends and list members know they can register to see your webinar at this affiliate linked page: ID&

IF NOT AN AFFILIATE promote this link:

If you would like to be an affiliate, sign up today at

Set Up Requirements
For your webinar to be of the highest quality you must have the following computer set up and accessories:
 High speed internet access
 Hard wired internet connection preferred – not wireless
 A separate USB connected HEADSET with microphone (Web cam or internal microphone alone is not sufficient as it can cause an echo effect).

If you have not already done so, PLEASE FILL OUT THE SPEAKER APPLICATION ONLINE at

Or, if you have any problems filling out the online form, you may opt to email us the following items as soon as possible. Please email them to us at

  1. A short bio/Introduction (1-2 sentences) about you, your work as introduction for the webinar.
  2. The Title of your presentation.
  3. Description of your webinar
  4. 3-5 Key things people will learn from this webinar 3-5 bullet points.
  5. The PowerPoint presentation you will be using.
  6. Your web and/or social links you want us to promote.
  7. Your cell phone number.
  8. Your photo

DAY OF WEBINAR INSTRUCTIONS – Adobe Connect Pro (also needed for Tech Check)

We are using Adobe Connect Pro, please do the following at 1:30 pm EASTERN on your webinar day:

  1. Have your headset plugged in (prior to turning on your computer) and speakersound comes through the headset. Make sure your environment will be quiet. 
  2. For best results please use a wired internet connection. 
  3. Please completely shut down Skype/VOIP and any other bandwidth intensive programs.
  4. 25 minutes prior to the program, open your Internet Explorer or Safari and go to (Note: AdobeConnectPro may not work in Chrome or Firefox)
  5. Select the “Enter as a guest”radio button.
  6. Type your name as you want it to appear on the screen. Click “Enter as guest” button.
  7. 7. Once inside the Adobe Connect Pro room, chat in the box that you are there. The host will give you microphone rights (make you a presenter).
  8. 8. Go to the Meeting menu and run the Audio Set-Up Wizard
  9. 9. Click the microphone icon at the top of the screen

If you have any questions, please contact either Gina or Laura.  Contact info is listed below. 

Warm Regards,

Gina Carr, Dean of Social Buzz U
Laura Rubinstein, President
Social Buzz Club

Gina’s contact info:, Direct 678-653-0115,  Text 770-241-7246

Laura’s contact info:
Direct: 619-940-6569 laura at- socialbuzzclub dot com.