Penny Sansevieri – How to Sell Books by the Truckload on

Penny photo (current)Amazon Optimization and book selling secrets


Amazon is a great place to sell books, but most authors don’t realize that Amazon has an internal sales machine that will actually help you market your book, for free, if you trigger it…

It’s called their internal algorithm and, it’s not that dissimilar from ranking on Google! Once Amazon’s algorithm kicks in, you could see a boatload of free promotion come your way… with very little effort!

Here’s what the session will cover:

  • Optimize your Amazon page: what you must do to start showing up in more searches
  • Understanding categories and why eBook and print categories are always different. More importantly, you’ll learn why this matters.
  • How to optimize your book title, subtitle and keywords on Amazon.
  • Making your Author Central page work for you.
  • Amazon hacks: fun tricks you can to do spruce up your Amazon page.
  • And finally: how to get more reviews on Amazon!  Continue reading

Dianna Booher – Critical Decisions Regarding Buzzing & Building Your IP

Critical Decisions REgarding Building & Buzzing Your Intellectual Property

Dianna Booher, Best-Selling Author, Communications Expert

Dianna Booher, Best-Selling Author,

Dianna Booher, an expert in executive communications, is the author of 45 books, published in 24 countries and 17 languages, and a member of the National Speakers Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame®.  Her latest books include Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader  and  Communicate with Confidence, Revised Edition.

As CEO of Booher Consultants and as a high-caliber keynote speaker, Dianna and her staff travel worldwide to deliver focused speeches and workshops to address specific communication challenges.

During this webinar, Dianna will reveal…

  • Should You Self-publish or Sell to a Major Publisher?
  • What’s the Critical Timeline for Marketing Buzz in a Book Launch?
  • What Do You Have to Do to Become a Thought Leader? 
  • How Do You Surround Yourself With the Right Marketing Team?


Dianna Booher explains the critical decisions in converting your intellectual property into a book.  Fabulous interview available now for only $27.