Terry Wildemann – Magnetic Business Attraction Method

Thursday, March 25, 2021 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Attract more of what you want in your business!

You’ve been working with Law of Attraction and nothing is going your way. You wonder, does Law of Attraction really work or is it a bunch of bunk because nothing you do works out for you!

The struggle of dealing with indecisiveness, making great decisions and trusting your intuition, can drive you bonkers!  You lose sleep, time and money worrying if you are doing the right thing and making the right choices. Imagine getting clear on those decisions, and your business and personal desires, using a simple technique that shifts your energy and perception quickly and saves your sanity!

The Magnetic Business Attraction Clarity Worksheet exercise Terry will walk you through will help reduce stress and tap into your intuition in ways that allow you to easily work with law of attraction.  You may be very surprised at how clear you will get on what you actually want with this simple yet powerful tool. Or, it may just validate what you already know.

Use the Clarity Worksheet for making decisions of all kinds, finding solutions to challenges, pros and cons of new projects, and so much more!

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Clarity on what blocks law of attraction from working
  • How contrast – the negative – is necessary to identify the good stuff
  • How your mindset is a key to success

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More about Terry:

Using deep inner wisdom & practical skillsets, Terry Wildemann develops entrepreneurs & professionals into positively unstoppable, prosperous intuitive leaders. Terry quickly discovers & dissolves her client’s success blocks leading to increased sales and profits.

13Clients emerge feeling clearer, grounded & aligned in their business focus & vision & their own intuitive superpowers. Terry’s 40 years of business & leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, & a leadership & holistic education center. She has taught at universities & community colleges & clients include entrepreneurs, banks, government agencies, chambers of commerce & the US military.

Melonie Dodaro – 3 Quick And Little-Known Secrets For Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn

dodaroDiscover How To Turn Your Linkedin Profile Into A Lead Generation Machine!

Do you realize that what you don’t know about LinkedIn could be costing you sales?  “The jury is no longer out” on the common belief that to effectively use social media you need to invest hours of time and be consistent!

However, the biggest (and easiest) secret for standing out is using the LinkedIn network effectively. You need a proven strategy on LinkedIn to avoid wasting your time.

Melonie Dodaro is the LinkedIn expert who offers you foolproof ways to generate demand for your product or services and agreed to reveal her ABC formula for developing your personal LinkedIn strategy to Social Buzz U attendees. Melonie uncovers THREE (100{85f64d0828d768825ddac8ed87db0864ab0456074e96efe88a57512d3a055da5} legal) strategies you can start using IMMEDIATELY to write your LinkedIn profile and “attract” a steady stream of new clients, who actually WANT your services, and view you as an expert! She will show you how to put your lead generation marketing on “auto-pilot” using LinkedIn. .

During this webinar, Melonie will show you:

  • How to choose the right keywords and ensure you show up at the top of the search results (Hint: there’s more to it than a simple Google search!)
  • What you must do to ensure that your profile attracts and engages your ideal client – it’s probably the exact opposite of what you are currently doing
  • How to easily set yourself apart and really stand out on Linkedin using our “secret sauce” that every professional needs

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Debbie Bermont ~ How To Grow Your Business with a 10 Mindset ~ Success Secrets

How to remove all the mental barriers to your success, wipe out your fears and have 100{85f64d0828d768825ddac8ed87db0864ab0456074e96efe88a57512d3a055da5} confidence to turn your expertise or product into a high six or seven figure business with ease in any economy with a 10 Mindset!

Ever wonder how Oprah went from a poor upbringing filled with abuse and abandonment to becoming one of the richest and most famous women throughout the world? Or, how Bill Gates went from being a college dropout to becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world?

On April 5 at 11 AM Pacific, author and business growth expert, Debbie Bermont in will reveal “How to remove all the mental barriers to your success, wipe out your fears and have 100{85f64d0828d768825ddac8ed87db0864ab0456074e96efe88a57512d3a055da5} confidence to turn your expertise or product into a high six or seven figure business with ease in any economy with a 10 Mindset!.” In this program, she will disclose the Business Success Mindset Formula that every single person with a 10 Mindset throughout the world follows who has become financially successful. 

Plus she will also share the six simple steps you need to take to guarantee your financial success.

You will discover:

  • The Business Success Mindset Formula used by every single person who has created financial success in their business and how to apply it to your own life right now.
  • How to REMOVE every single barrier to success you have in your business in six easy steps.
  • How to eliminate the single most important block to your sales growth which most business owners face.
  • How to have 100{85f64d0828d768825ddac8ed87db0864ab0456074e96efe88a57512d3a055da5} confidence in yourself to create a six or seven figure business.
  • Why most self help programs, personal growth seminars and affirmations don’t give you lasting results and what WILL work for a permanent change.
  • How to prevent your past or present circumstances of lack from affecting your financial future potential of achieving financial success.


Debbie Bermont teaches you how to grow your business with a 10 mindset. Fabulous webinar available now for just $17!
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