Nicole Jolie – It’s Not About The Ad

jolie2It’s About the Offer

Are you focusing on Facebook Ads to create social buzz for your business?

Discover the 3 biggest reasons Facebook Ads Fail, how to create ads that your audience wants to see and wants to click on, and The #1 Reason you’re not getting the clicks you want and the conversions you need to sustain your business.

Your Facebook FanPage presents an opportunity for your business. But most marketing efforts will fall short from benefiting from the Facebook Ad Sizzle. In fact, most marketers struggle to create an effective ad campaign that increases ROI for their business.

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Learn how to increase your exposure using Facebook Ads so that you attract the right customer.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to focus on entry-level ads (like boosts). 
  • Where NOT to focus (hint: You may be focused on your Facebook FanPage metrics [reach] which is not the answer).
  • How to use Facebook to WIN with your customers.
  • How to market using your Facebook page while simultaneously using other platforms so that you engage your audience from different angles.

When you Master these Facebook Ad survival skills and your business will thrive.

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Brian McNeil-Smith – Profit with Facebook Promotions

Learn the easy way to boost your visibility and results with facebook promotions.

Easypromos is an application which allows you to create promotions and contests on any Facebook page whilst adhering strictly to Facebook’s promotions guidelines.

Brian McNeil-Smith invites you to discover:

  • What Facebook Promotions are and to familiarize yourself with Facebook rules you need to pay attention to.
  • Why your business should engage in facebook promotions and what benefits you can expect to experience.
  • What others have done and gain insights from their efforts.
  • Which strategies work, and are there specific strategies for your industry that area  better fit than others.
  • How you can create your own facebook promotions in a few easy steps.
  • Ask questions to build your understanding and readiness to move forward.

And for our US-based readers, check out our new contest through EasyPromos! Participate in our promotion and show everyone you’re an influencer! There are almost $2000 worth of prizes to be won! (Sorry, only open to US citizens at this time.)

Buy This Webinar! Just $17…

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Lena West – Successful Social Media Marketing

Lena West American Express Open blogger social media consultant

Stop Giving a Cr*p About Facebook!

8 Strategies to Make Sure Your Social Media Marketing is Successful No Matter WHAT Facebook Does!

Lena West American Express Open blogger social media consultantLena L. West is an award-winning social media consultant, blogger, speaker, journalist, technologist and the CEO & Chief Social Media Marketing Mentor at, a social media consulting firm that helps women entrepreneurs profit from the power of Social Media and the Internet. West is also a columnist for American Express OPENForum.

During the webinar, Lena will reveal…

  • Why the changes that Facebook makes really shouldn’t impact your business 
  • 8 things to do to make your business Facebook change-proof
  • How having a “home base” benefits you more than you know


Lena West teaches you how to Stop Giving a Cr*p About Facebook. Fabulous webinar available now for just 17!
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Amy Porterfield: 7 Simple Strategies to Profit From Facebook

How to Use Facebook to Increase Your Authority, Collect Hot Leads, and Drive Quality Traffic to Your Site

Amy Porterfield is a highly sought after social media strategist, co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, and the creator of FB Influence. 
FB Influence is your complete roadmap for creating and leveraging Facebook to drive traffic, gain exposure and build your brand. FB Influence teaches you the best practices you need to create a powerful Facebook marketing strategy.

During this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Super Fans: What They Are and Why You Need Them
  • The 3 biggest mistakes most people make on Facebook
  • 4 Smart Strategies to Grow a Lucrative Fan Base
  • Quick Tips to Get Your Fans Talking and Engaged

Hosted by Laura Rubinstein, Co-Founder, Social Buzz Club

Tweeting at #sbuzzu
@AmyPorterfield @CoachLaura @SocialBuzzU

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Amy Porterfield teaches you how to profit from Facebook. Fabulous webinar available now for FREE!


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