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Lena West American Express Open blogger social media consultant

Stop Giving a Cr*p About Facebook!

8 Strategies to Make Sure Your Social Media Marketing is Successful No Matter WHAT Facebook Does!

Lena West American Express Open blogger social media consultantLena L. West is an award-winning social media consultant, blogger, speaker, journalist, technologist and the CEO & Chief Social Media Marketing Mentor at InfluenceExpansion.com, a social media consulting firm that helps women entrepreneurs profit from the power of Social Media and the Internet. West is also a columnist for American Express OPENForum.

During the webinar, Lena will reveal…

  • Why the changes that Facebook makes really shouldn’t impact your business 
  • 8 things to do to make your business Facebook change-proof
  • How having a “home base” benefits you more than you know


Lena West teaches you how to Stop Giving a Cr*p About Facebook. Fabulous webinar available now for just 17!
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Susan Newman – Broadcast Louder

Learning to Broadcast Louder for brand awareness, targeted visibility, gaining advocates, and Sales Opportunities!

Susan Newman, brand identity designer and web specialist. Owner, Susan Newman Design Inc, Founder of Branding You BetterTM , Broadcast LouderTM , Visual BroadcastingTM  , and co-Founder of Frogs Are GreenTM.

Susan will teach you why it’s important to use both the left and right sides of your brain for business success.  When you bring the logic, structure and systems in place alongside your original, creative ideas, you can reach a broader and targeted audience.

Use all avenues for the best ROI for your business, including:

  • building a smart, dynamic, memorable brand
  • knowing how to deliver what you promise to gain trusted fans
  • create an effective website
  • use social media correctly for your business
  • how to market your business in print and online
  • email marketing and creating SEO rich content.

Building a successful business is about having all components in place and if done RIGHT, they will come!

Hosted by Gina Carr, Dean, Social Buzz University 


Susan Newman teaches how to broadcast louder using social media. Fabulous webinar available now for only $17.


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