Christina Nitschmann – How to Start a Successful Podcast @Savvy_Central

Christina Nitschmann of #savvycentralradioAre you a service based entrepreneur who is having difficulty reaching your audience and getting your message out to your target market? 

Discover 10 Essential ways podcasting can grow your business and your influence. 

Christina Nitschmann, founder of Savvy Central Radio, suggests building that “invisible handshake” as it were, with your prospective clients.

If you have ever wanted to start your own podcast but you didn’t know where to start… you WANT to tune into this webinar!

Not quite sure if podcasting is right for your business or if starting your own show would even benefit your business?

In this conversation with Christina, we’ll discuss all the essential tools you’ll needed to start your own successful podcast and get your podcast off the ground. We’ll also share how Savvy Central Radio increased and boosted our sales, and influence with podcasting.

Join us in this LIVE webinar where we’ll share with you our journey, experience, and how Savvy built their own successful podcasting show and how you can too.

You will learn:

  • How podcasting can help increase leads and sales
  • How podcasting can help build influence for your business
  • The essential tools needed to start your own successful podcast

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